Business Document Mapper configuration overview

This table shows the settings you need to complete after you install Business Document Mapper.

Setting Description
Memory Settings Control the maximum memory setting that can be allocated at the start to ensure that Mapper has sufficient amounts of memory.
Security Settings Set the user password to secure connectivity passwords.
Server Connectivity Set the server connection to save, remove, generate, and publish a mapping to Mapper Server.
M3 API Connectivity

Only available if M3 functions are installed.

Set the M3 API connectivity.

Business Document Mapper configuration

This table shows the settings you need to complete to help with your mappings.

Settings Description
Type Definitions Data type definitions you can use on your functions parameter, variables, and constants.
XML Document Editor External XML schema editor to use in addition to Mapper Editor.
ION Registry Root folder for the ION Registry if you develop BOD mappings.
Import/Export Settings Default folders to use when importing or exporting mappings.