Certificate Problems

A certificate policy has been implemented to ensure that the LifeCycle Manager Clients and Services always are connected to an authentic LifeCycle Manager Server. This can cause problems when upgrading from earlier versions of LifeCycle Manager if name resolution is not working perfectly on your network.

In this version of LifeCycle Manager, the IP address or server name that is specified during installation of the LifeCycle Manager Server and stored in the server.host property in the lcm.properties file, will be written in the LifeCycle Manager Server’s certificate. All clients and services connecting to the LifeCycle Manager Server must be able to connect to the server using this IP address or server name.

However, if you are upgrading from earlier versions of LifeCycle Manager, there is already a certificate generated, and this certificate contains the server name. This means that if any clients and services are not able to ping this server name, they will no longer be able to communicate with the LifeCycle Manager Server.