Configuring user settings

  1. From the application menu, select Administration Tools > Administration Tools > Start Page Settings tab.
  2. In the User settings section, specify this information:
    Default open mode

    Select Application or Browser.

    Default value: Application

    The open mode specifies if a launched link should be opened in a new tab within M3 H5, or if it should be opened in the browser. Depending on the browser settings, the link can be directed to a new browser tab or window.

    Some links such as M3 programs can only be opened in an application tab, and for these links the setting will not have any effect.

    Default background

    Select between light or dark-colored background.

    The selected background becomes the default background when you add a new widget to a page.

    Default value: Light

    Max number of recent items

    Specify the maximum number of recent items to be displayed in the Recent widget.

    Default value: 10

    Client Log Level

    Select the default log level for the client.

    Select from the list:

    • Fatal

    • Error

    • Warning

    • Information

    • Debug

    • Trace

    Default value: Information

    The log output will be written to the JavaScript console in browsers that have a console. There is no UI for changing the log level in the client during a session, but it can be changed using a command in the console.

    See Changing client log level.

  3. Click Save.