Rule-based distribution of M3 BE Grid environment

This way of distributing provides advanced possibilities to setup rules where job and job types (subsystems) resides in a distributed environment.

In the example below the batchjob ‘TST001’ will be run on host ‘Server2’ if user ‘ABCD’ starts the job. The existing Grid contains the hosts ‘Server1’ and ‘Server2’. The M3BE Grid Application is deployed on ‘Server1’.

Rule-Based Distribution

  1. Right-click your environment and select the task Configure Application.
  2. For Grid

    Click "+Add Binding"

    For Grid

    Click "Bindings +Add"

  3. Provide the following for the new binding:


    Node Type




    Click Add Binding.

  4. Right-click your environment and select the task Manage Application.
  5. In the Tools menu, select Subsystem Runtime Configuration.
  6. In the Binding Configuration, select the ‘TEST’ binding and click Add (marked with a green cross).
  7. The Create binding rule window is displayed.

    Create the following rules:

    User = ABCD



  8. Press OK.

If user ABCD starts the batchjob TST001, the job will run on ‘Server2’. All other jobs will run on ‘Server1’ including the batchjob TST001 if any other user than ABCD starts the job.

In reality, a more useful binding would be to have the Autojobs run on a specific server or a very resource demanding batchjob run on a specific server.