Event Recording

Event Hub provides a possibility for recording ongoing event traffic in a live environment. The flow of events is saved by the Event Hub. You can review the saved traffic from the Event Hub management interface in Grid.

Start the recording

  1. Right-click the connection node and select Change recording paths. A dialog box containing the available event types is displayed.
  2. Select the check boxes for the event types to use and click OK. The connection node is marked with a dotted line. This marks that the changes to the recording path are not submitted to the Event Hub. You can add additional recording paths from other nodes. To clear all recording paths select the Clear recording paths option.
  3. Click Start Recording. A parameters dialog box is displayed.
  4. Specify this information:
    Max running time for recording time (min)

    The maximum running time for recording.

    Max recording size (MB)

    The maximum size of the recorded data.

    If any of these limits is reached, recording is paused automatically.

  5. Click OK to start recording.

    The connection nodes which had a dotted line become solid. The changes to the recording paths are submitted to Event Hub.

    When you modify the recording paths during recording, you must stop and start the recording.

    During the recording process you can click Pause Recording to temporarily pause the recording. Examine the recorded events during this time in the main Event Hub management interface. Click Resume Recording to continue recording events.

    Click Stop Recording to finish recording events.

    Note: When you stop recording all recorded events are discarded.