Adjusting the Heap Size in the MWS Grid Node

Web Services Runtime performance is affected by the heap size setting in the MWS Grid node. If the heap size is too low, you will see warnings and errors indicating that the node is low on memory. In this situation, MWS may fail to accept new connections or temporarily go offline.

Optimum heap size is determined by the number of concurrent requests and the actual size of the messages, which depend on the type of programs you run and the amount of data they return. Therefore, you may need to tweak the heap size periodically.

As a starting point, Infor recommends the following:

Type of MWS Installation Minimum Recommended Heap Size
Any MWS node 512 MB (the default)

Modify the heap size for the application node

  1. Navigate to Configuration Manager in your Grid.
  2. Click Applications, and select your application, for example MWS.
  3. On the applicable application page, click Edit Properties.
  4. Expand Node Memory, and click Max Heap.
  5. Click the Binding-specific link, for example 512.

    Hover over the links to identify the binding property row.

  6. Type the heap size in the Max Heap value field. Save the change.