Download and install JVM for AIX

  1. Log on as root.
  2. Download the latest recommended version of AIX Java SDK from the IBM homepage, to an appropriate folder, for example /usr/sys/inst.images.
  3. You need to extract the base image after you have downloaded the files (*.tar.gz or *.tar), for example run these commands:
    #cd /usr/sys/inst.images
    #tar -xvf Java<version>_64.sdk.<version nr>.tar
    #gunzip -c packagename.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
  4. Use the smitty command to install.
    #smitty install
  5. Select Install and Update Software.
  6. Select Install Software.
  7. Specify the directory containing the images, that is /tmp). Press Enter.
  8. The cursor will move to SOFTWARE to install. Press F4.
  9. A list with software to install will be displayed. Move the cursor to Java<version>.sdk and press F7.
  10. After making the selection of software to install, press Enter.
  11. On the Install Software panel, move the cursor to Accept License Agreements, press F4, select YES and press Enter.
  12. On the Install Software panel, press Enter.
  13. A new panel is presented where you can choose to proceed with the installation or to cancel the installation. Press Enter.
  14. When the installation is completed, a JVM folder has been created in /usr/Java<version>_64.
  15. Change the environment variable PATH in /etc/environment.

    Make sure that /usr/Java<version>_64/jre/bin and /usr/Java<version>_64/bin are in the PATH variable.