Modify SQL Server Settings 2012

Caution: Unless you are really sure that you know what you are doing we recommend that you do not modify other settings than these noted in this document.
Note: For information about post installation steps and additional modifications on the Database Server, refer to M3 Business Engine and Microsoft SQL Server - Best Practices, version for M3 BE 15.1 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012, topic #37304 in Infor Support Portal Documentation.
  1. Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager and connect to the installed SQL Server instance.
  2. Select the SQL Server Services. Ensure that these services are Running and the Start Mode is turned to Automatic for:
    • SQL Server (your instance)

    • SQL Server Agent (your instance)

  3. Select SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for (your instance). Ensure that the TCP/IP is Enabled.
  4. Verify that the instance of SQL Server is configured to use a static port. If firewall is enabled on your server, you need to create firewall exceptions to allow access to this port. See "Security issues" in M3 Core Installation Guide.
  5. Restart the database server and check that it is working properly.