Disk and File Systems Configuration

Application and Database Servers

M3 Business Engine can be installed in a single server or distributed across two servers, where the M3 Business Engine applications and Oracle database are separated. The hardware requirements differ depending on the role of the machine. The M3 Business Engine application is CPU/memory intensive whereas the Oracle DB server is disk I/O intensive.

The file system of a M3 Business Engine Application Server installation must meet these requirements:

The file system of a M3 Business Engine database or combined server installation must meet these requirements:

Software RAID

Software RAID should generally not be used on database servers, since the I/O performance suffers heavily on short write operations in journaling file systems.

For application only servers, software RAID will suffice.

The specifics of each software RAID solution configuration is not described further here. See the IBM documentation for further details.

Disk Layout

As a general rule, try to keep the disk configuration simple. More disks gives better I/O performance, but the write cache does most of the work.

RAID 5 is a bit too CPU intensive to use in software RAID, so stick to RAID 0 and 1.

Oracle recommendations say: For best performance and reliability, choose a RAID device or a logical volume on more than one physical device and implement the stripe-and-mirror-everything (SAME) methodology.