Applying MI metadata

Use this procedure to apply MI metadata to your M3 BE environment.

To apply MI metadata

  1. Right-click the environment and select Fixes > Apply MI metadata. The window Apply MI metadata is displayed.

    You can also open the task by clicking Apply MI metadata on the Dashboard tab Fixes.

  2. The Start Environment in restricted mode information dialog is displayed. This means that the environment will be shutdown and when re-started in restricted mode, only the LCM Client can run M3 Business Engine jobs. An M3 BE user cannot login to an M3 UI or run M3 BE programs during the time it takes to run this task.

    Do not perform any other tasks that affect this M3 Business Engine environment while running Apply MI metadata.

    When the task is finished the environment status is changed to running mode. Click Next.

  3. Provide information in these fields:
    Select program

    Select MI programs to apply. Right-click in the list and select all.

    View All
    • Select View All to display all available MI programs, or,

    • Clear View All to display only the MI programs that can be applied.

    Hide not applied but overridden

    If View All is selected then this option will hide all programs that are overridden by another fix.

    M3 user

    Specify a M3 BE user

    M3 user password

    Specify the password

    Click Next.

  4. On the Summary screen, verify the property values and click Finish.
  5. When the task is finished, a dialog is displayed. Click OK. To view the log file, either click View log, or go to the Logs view.