Create an Oracle database to attach to an M3 Environment

When you create an environment, you can choose to create a database or attach an already existing database. Attaching an already created database gives you the opportunity to decide on the layout of your file systems yourself, and use your own name standard for directories and files. This also enables you to create a database using Automatic Storage Management (ASM), as long as you create the database according to Infor's specification.

To create an M3 database:

  1. Create these tablespaces that are used by M3:
    Table name Purpose
    TMVXRUNT Tablespace for M3 FAT, datasets, etc.
    TMVXTEMP Default tablespace for M3 users/schema
    TMVXSD Tablespace for M3 tables
    TMVXSI Tablespace for M3 indexes
    TMVXLD Tablespace for M3 tables
    TMVXLI Tablespace for M3 indexes
    TMVXARCH Tablespace for M3 archiving
    redologs At least 3 groups, multiplexed
    Control files multiplexed
  2. Select character set.


  3. Configure the TNS name, TNSnames.

    Before you can attach the database the TNS name must be configured in the file tnsnames.ora.

    Create a tnsname alias with the same name as the database(sid). You may need to qualify the name,for example Copy the tnsnames.ora file to the application server: