Create an Oracle M3 Tech database

It takes time to create an Oracle database to hold the Grid schema. When you create a database, Infor recommends that you create a database instance in which different products can have their own schemas, for an example, Infor ION Grid product.

Create an Oracle database

  1. Right-click the Oracle instance node.
  2. Select Create Oracle Database.
  3. Provide information in the following fields:
    Database name:

    Enter a name for the database

    Database data path:

    Browse for the path to hold the database data files. Infor recommends to use the /u03/oradata path.

    Database memory (MB):

    Enter the memory to use for the database instance.

    SYS/SYSTEM password:

    The SYS and SYSTEM users are created for this database with the password supplied here. Retype the password.

    Oracle user:

    Enter the oracle user.

    Oracle user password:

    Enter the oracle user password.

    Click Next.

  4. On the Summary screen, verify the property values and click Finish.

    This operation takes several minutes.

  5. When the step is completed, a message box is displayed. Click OK. To view the log file, either click View log or go to the Logs view.