Create system component

This section describes the steps to take in order to create a system component including a service pack, fixes, database/schema and view paths.

  1. Right-click the environment and select Environment Configurator.
  2. Click on the Components pane located in the lower left hand part of the window.
  3. Click the plus icon in the upper right hand part of the Environment Configurator window. The New Component window is displayed.
  4. Enter the component name and click OK.

    In the right hand part of the window, the Component details, a default schema is entered. If this is not the correct schema or if the default schema is already in use, please change.


    When LifeCycle Manager installs the component, all files that belong to the component will be placed in this component’s folder under the M3 BE installation root. The name of the component defined in the Environment Configurator must correspond to the name of the component folder.

  5. If you plan to install fixes for the component, remember to also tick the fix check boxes.

    The fixes and service pack information will be added to the server's classpath in order of priority, that is in the order they are defined in the Component Details, the highest priority being hot fix at the top.

  6. Click the save icon in the upper right hand part of the Environment Configurator window.
  7. Depending on the environment status:
    • If the environment is running, the message "Set M3 BE in maintenance mode" is displayed. Click OK to save the new component.

    • If the environment is stopped, the environment is started in maintenance mode and the new component is saved.


      The environment is in maintenance mode until the application is started, or set online.