Updating Assertion Consumer Services

This section describes how to add more assertion consumer services to the configuration of the SAML Session Provider and the IdP. This is needed if you access secured web applications running in the grid via a host and port other than those already specified as assertion consumer service endpoints, for example, via a router different from the SAML router, or if you have a proxy in front of the grid.

This procedure assumes that the initial configuration of assertion consumer service endpoints has already been performed.

  1. Add an assertion consumer service endpoint to the SAML Session Provider:
    1. From the Grid Management Pages, open the Management Pages of the SAMLSessionProvider application.
    2. Select Login and Logout endpoints.
    3. Type the desired host address and port, and then click on Create Endpoints.
    4. Click on the disk button to save your changes.
  2. Add the assertion consumer service endpoint to the AD FS configuration. See section Updating Login and Logout Endpoints in AD FS.