Prepare for Oracle

This part describes the steps needed to be done to provide default Oracle .profile and to modify


with Oracle parameters. This must be done on both the Application and Database servers (if applicable).

Prepare for Oracle on AIX

  1. Download the file prep_ora_aix.tar :
    http://<LifeCycle Manager Server IP address>:4062/update/M3BE/prep_ora_aix.tar 

    to a temporary folder on the admin client. Then use ftp to download the file to the folder


    on the server.

  2. Log on as root.
  3. Unpack the prep_ora_aix.tar file:
    # cd/u01/app/oracle/tmp 
    # tar xvf prep_ora_aix.tar
  4. Run the applicable commands depending on Oracle version:
    • Oracle 11g:

      # cd prep_ora/bin
      # ./
    • Oracle 12c:

      # cd prep_ora/bin
      # ./