Enabling the M3 ISA scheduling client

To enable the M3 ISA scheduling client

  1. Navigate to the download folder location of the M3 ISA scheduling client zip file.
  2. Unpack the M3_ISA_Scheduling_Client_2.0.x.zip file to a local folder.

    Use the same name for the folder and the zip file names.

  3. Open a command prompt.
    1. Change directory to the folder location where you unpacked the M3 ISA zip file.
    2. Run the schedule.cmd script to enable the scheduling client.

    M3 ISA will send an information to the ISA server at 3:00 AM if changes are made in the configurations after the last upload session.

For more information, see these KB articles, 1478892 - How to benefit from M3 ISA as a M3 customer, and 1710949 - Troubleshooting the scheduling client.