Installing Event Hub


The Grid Database Connectivity Grid Extension (GDBC) must be configured on the Grid which the application Event Hub uses. GDBC is mandatory which means Event Hub is dependent on GDBC for backend storage. See "Installing the Grid Database Connectivity (GDBC)" for configuration of GDBC.

Use this procedure to install Event Hub.

Install Event Hub

  1. In LifeCycle Manager, select Actions > Install Product.
  2. On the Install step, select Event Hub <version>, then click Next.
  3. On the Location step, select the Grid instance where to install Event Hub, then click Next.
  4. On the Select Host step, specify this information:
    Deploy hosts

    Select the host(s) where to install Event Hub. Each host selected will run one Event Hub node.

    Recorder host

    Select a host where to start the event recorder.

    The event recorder is started on demand when a recoding session is created.

  5. On the Select posts step, specify this information:

    Accept the default or specify a unique port.

    SSL Port

    Accept the default or specify a unique port.

  6. On the Summary step, review the information and click Finish.