Import from Migration Package

The M3 Web Services grid application must be started before you run this procedure.

  1. In LifeCycle Manager, double-click the M3 Web Services grid application and select the Import/Export command from the dashboard.

    The Import/Export task is started.

  2. Select the option Import from migration package.
  3. Select the migration level. You can select to import services and configurations together (recommended) or configurations alone.

    Service contexts will always be imported along with configurations.

  4. Select whether to overwrite existing services and configurations.
    • If you select No, your existing service contexts, web services, and configurations will not be overwritten by imported items with the same names as existing items in your system.

    • If you select Yes, and the import package includes service contexts, services, and configurations with names that are identical to the ones that already exist in your system, the existing items will be overwritten with the imported ones.

    Click Next.

  5. Select the migration package to import, and click Next.
  6. On the Summary screen, verify your settings and click Finish.
  7. Restart the M3 Web Services Server to complete the import.