Import from other M3 Web Services in LifeCycle Manager

The M3 Web Services Server that you are importing to must be started before you run this procedure.


Backup your existing web services in a separate location before you do the import.

  1. Log on to LifeCycle Manager as an LCM Administrator.
  2. In LifeCycle Manager, click your M3 Web Services installation and select the Import/Export command from the dashboard.

    The Import/Export task is started.

  3. Select the option Import from other MWS in LifeCycle Manager.

    This option allows for transparent export and import between two MWS Servers installed with the same LifeCycle Manager. This will also enable migration from earlier versions of MWS.

  4. Select the MWS Server to export from, and click Next.
  5. On the Summary screen, verify your settings and click Finish.


    Any web services with the same name on the MWS Server will be replaced by the imported services.

  6. Restart the M3 Web Services Server to finish the migration.