Setting the Partner Admin tool database connectivity

In PA tool one database configuration must be present. Use this procedure to set up a database connection.

  1. Access the PA tool.
  2. Select File > Database Settings.
  3. On the Database settings window, click New.

    The Create new database item window is displayed.

  4. Specify this information:

    This table shows the database fields definition and default value. Use this information when you configure the database setting and database communication channels.


    For more information on property values and settings, see the EC Management page in Grid.

    Field Definition
    Name Specify a descriptive name for this database.
    DB URL

    Specify the URL for the JDBC connection string.

    • If the database is configured with the default port number and not installed as a named instance, use this URL format:

      jdbc:sqlserver://[host]:[port number]

    • If the database is installed as a named instance, use any of these format:

      jdbc:sqlserver://[host]:[port number]\[instance name]

      jdbc:sqlserver://[host]\[instance name]

    DB Name

    Specify a database name.

    If Postgress database is case sensitive, you must enclose the DB Name in double quotation marks.


    Specify a schema to use.

    Default value is dbo.

    User Specify a case sensitive database user name to access the database.
    Password Specify a case sensitive database password for the user.

    Specify the JDBC driver class to use. By default, this is configured as:

    Tr. Isolation

    Optionally, use this field to set up the database communication channel only. You configure the database communication settings in the Database tab in Manage > Communication.

    Select an isolation level for this transaction.









    Except for the TRANSACTION_NONE level, all transaction isolation levels are supported by PostgreSQL Enterprise Database (EDB) driver.

  5. Click Test to verify the database connection.

    If an error occurs, click show stack trace to show the database connection log. Check your database connectivity to correct the error and click OK to proceed.

  6. Click OK to save the new settings.
  7. Click OK to finish and go back to the Database settings window.
  8. Select the database configuration from the list and click Use.

    An asterisk appears under the column "Use" to indicate a database in use.

  9. Close and exit.