License settings

M3 Foundation validates the license key, for example at system startup. The number of logged on users is continuously monitored and validated against the license key.

License information and violations are recorded in the M3Coordinator log, and are also communicated via e-mail as specified in the license settings.

From 2015, Infor changed their license handling. But M3 Foundation still handles a license key as a legacy from previous versions. Customers can request for a new unlimited license key to avoid unnecessary messages about license violations.

The license settings are specified during the environment installation.

To view the license settings

  1. Navigate to main page > Tools > License Settings
  2. Evaluate these values:
    License key

    If you require a License Key, send an email to,, or with these information:

    • Requested Product and Version

    • Client Name and Client ID #

    • Client Contact Name and Email address

    The default key is valid for ten users and has no limit date, but a new license key should be ordered as soon as possible.

    Mail sender

    A sender address, for example License.<M3BE environment name>

    Mail Receiver

    A mail address to the person responsible for the license key at your company.

    Mail SMTP Server

    The relevant SMTP server address.

  3. Optionally, to verify the settings, click Send test mail.