Data Category

You can export/import different data types:

Data Category Description
Applications These settings includes installed web applications that can be found in the H5 client. These applications are built using the Mashup SDK that are installed in Application tab in the Administration tool.
Automation templates These templates are xml files for automation that you can use with scripts to simulate passing values and key strokes to a M3 program.
Document links This setting is used for document links for H5. Note that these are not the same as Smart Office.
Favorites This setting contains user favorites for H5 and Start pages.
H5 Personalizations This setting covers personalization files for roles and users.
H5 Scripts This setting includes JavaScripts for H5 client.
MForms Scripts This setting includes JScript for MForms in Smart Office.
Settings This setting is used in the Start Page Administration tool.
Settings rules and their values These rules and values can only be exported if the Start page settings are also exported.
Startpages This setting covers all private and public pages.
User data This userdata setting is currently for shortcuts only.
User settings This setting includes user settings for H5 and Start pages.