Open updated PageOUT and StoryTeller layouts

  1. Start OpenText Exstream Communications Builder.
  2. Select Unpack Project.
  3. Navigate to the location where the M3BE layout dcpackages are located.
  4. Right-click the dcpackage file and select Open.
  5. On the Unpack Project screen, ensure that "Open project after unpacking" is selected.
  6. When the package is open in Communications builder, start by adjusting the settings:
    1. For the PageOut layouts on the Platform:
      • MAIL output connector: To update Mail server and Domain name
      • TCP_MOVEX: To change the port, if required
      • DirScan_MOVEX: To set the streamfile scan folder, if required
    2. For the Storyteller XML layouts on the Platform:
      • MAIL output connector: To update Domain name
      • TCPIP input connector: To change the port, if required
    3. For the Storyteller XML layouts on the GlobalResources resource set:
      • TCPIP profile: To update Mail server Host
  7. Check in the project into CAS by selecting MGW - Check in. Specify a label on the Check in window.
  8. Create an export in CAS by selecting MGW - Create Release. Ensure that the Include argument file in export is selected on the Export for release screen.
  9. Create runtimes by deploying the exports in Control Center as performed in previous versions of OpenText StreamServe.
  10. Create the application in OpenText Control Center and select Deploy export file. Mark Deploy export file from CAS and browse to the project and release you exported from Communications builder.
    Note: For the Storyteller XML layout projects, the applications in Control Center require the Java/Server Configuration before starting for the first time. Right-click the application and choose Java/Server Configuration. Set the value field according to your installation of OpenText Exstream.