Increase Performance

Increase performance

  1. Resize the database files.

    When the database files are extended, some degradation in performance will occur. If you do not want autoextension to happen during peak hours and you know that a database file will grow fast, it is recommended to resize the database file to the maximum size from the beginning to make sure you have enough disk space on the file system.

    A resizing of the database file belonging to TMVXSD tablespace:

    ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '/u05/oradata/MVXPROD/tmvxsd01.dbf' resize 10000M
  2. Check the database for tables/indexes in need of reorg. This should be done on a regular basis, for example monthly.
  3. Create and analyze performance reports (i.e. AWR, STATSPACK) every week.
  4. Check if statistics on tables/indexes are up to date.
  5. Remove old trace, audit files etc. in filesystem.