Mapping roles to Mashup server users

Users must be assigned to the M3_H5_Client_Enterprise/Mashup-Administrator role to use web mashups and access the Mashup Administration Client. See Mashup Server (Runtime of Mashups).

  1. In LifeCycle Manager, locate the H5 Enterprise you want to configure.
  2. Right-click the H5 Enterprise application > Configure Application.
  3. Click Edit Role Mappings.
  4. Click Edit to modify the defined roles for H5 Enterprise.

    Take note of the difference between these users:

    • app-admin – This role grants access to all configuration and operational tasks for a particular application.

    • app-user – This role grants access to application defined operations.

    • Mashup-Administrator – This is an administration role for managing mashup applications.

    • Mashup-User – This role grants access to running mashup applications.

  5. Click Save.
  6. The Save Configuration Changes dialog box shows a summary of the changes. Click Save to finalize all changes.