Setting up API/MI properties for MapGen

To set up the new MI application properties for MapGen you must use the BE Settings that you specified for the property when you install IEC. When completed, Partner Admin MI settings and MapGen will have the same MI/API configuration.

  1. Access the EC Configure Application page.
  2. Click the Edit Properties link.
  3. Select and expand the view of APIMapper property.
  4. Click the <Value> link of the property to specify.
  5. On the Edit Property window, specify a value for property.

    You use the MI Name that is configured in the Partner Admin tool. This API name in PA tool is used to connect to the M3 API server. See, API reference fields definition in the Infor Enterprise Collaborator Partner Administration Tool User Guide.

    The JVM System property and Environment Variable options are grid features. IEC handles these features separately.

  6. Click Create Property.
  7. Click the Application Properties link to return to the properties page.
  8. Save the changes.