Application Defined Properties for M3 UI Adapter

Infor Ming.le Settings

Property Type Description
Context List string

List of message definitions that will be used in context sharing

Values are in JSON format

Web Mashup URL string

URL to the Mashup Server

Default: /mashup

Start page settings

Property Type Description
Enable Start Pages boolean Enables the Start Pages feature in M3 H5

Document Management

Property Type Description
Document Management URL string

IDM Logical ID when used in Mingle or IDM base URL when H5 is used as standalone

If Document Management is accessed from Ming. le, an example for the URL would be lid://infor.daf.1

If using standalone Document Management, however, the URL must point to the standalone installation. The URL in this case must have this format: https://hostname:port/ca/client/index. html?$query=

Document Management Entity URL string

URL used to retrieve the list of IDM entities

For example,


The URL must use the https protocol.

M3 API Connection Settings

Property Type Description
M3 API Rest URL string

This setting is only for development use. Do not change the default value.


M3 API Rest User string

This setting is only for development use.

This is the user ID that will be used in M3 API Rest calls.

M3 API Rest Password password This setting is only for development use.

Advanced Settings

HTTP protocol and URLs

Property Type Description
Help Url string

Sets the URL to the root of the help page

The URL should always be /help when help files are loaded from BE Foundation in the same grid, which is the default setup.

M3 Documentation string

URL pointing to documentation for M3 Business Engine, for example,

For more information, see "Verify the M3 Documentation Infocenters" in M3 Core Installation Guide.

GZip Output boolean If set to "true", the XML files that are sent from the M3 UI Adapter server to the M3 UI Adapter client are zipped to save on data space over the network.

Session settings

Property Type Description
HTTP Session timeout integer

The timeout of the HTTP session expressed in minutes.

If this value is missing, or set to 0 or less, the default value of 60 minutes will be used. If a value is specified it will be applied to the HTTP session for each user that logs into M3.

Expired sessions will be removed by the session cleaner thread.

Session Clean Interval integer

The number of minutes the session cleanup thread waits between executions

Default: 15

Session Clean Timeout integer

Sets the amount of time allowed for controlled cleanup of a single session

Timeout in milliseconds

Minimum value is 5000

Default: 30000

Max Programs integer

Sets the maximum number of programs a user can start regardless of the max TAB limit setting in (MNS150)

If the value is greater than this setting, it will override the tab limit value in MNS150.

For Infor Smart Office related setting, the maximum number of normal M3 programs (normal MForms, excluding mashups, bookmarks, or searches)

Max Normal Programs integer Sets the maximum number of normal programs (excluding mashups, bookmarks, and searches)

Application settings

Property Type Description
Generate Hidden Fields boolean

If set to "true", all fields including hidden fields will be generated into an XML that is sent to the client.

If set to "false", will skip all hidden fields that reduce the size of the generated XML and speed up the XML generation.

Default: true


Set this property to "true" when using MNEAI Objects.

Footer Field Offset integer

The number to be added to the top coordinate for fields located under the list

Default: 2

Document Link Manager Class string

Sets the FileDocumentLinkManager. The class used for handling document links

Default: com.infor.melon.doclinks.FileDocumentLinkManager

Max Program Cache integer

The maximum number of programs that can exist in the cache at the same time

If this number is reached, the entire cache is cleared and the programs must be reloaded. It can be set to a lower value on a server with limited RAM.

Default: 500

Decimal Separator string

Sets the decimal separator

This setting can be overridden in the (MNS095), (MNS100), or (MNS150) programs.

Default: "." (period)

Enable DatePicker boolean If turned off, all date fields will be standard input fields instead of date selectors.

Default: true

Date Picker Formats string

Sets a list of semicolon separated list of date picker formats for a giver program

For example: ABC001=YMD8;ABC002=false)

Date Format string If the no date format is provided by the M3 program, this property sets the format for date picker. The default is blank as programs must always provide date format.
Enable Caption Tooltips boolean Shows tooltips on captions or labels. If turned off, the server will not generate caption tooltips.

Default: true

Expand List Programs string  
Disable Customization Cache boolean Used only for development when customizations must be cached on server. This property should never be disabled in a production environment.
Enable user lookup boolean Determines if the M3 user name should be looked up using the grid principal

M3 Connection settings

Property Type Description
Recursive Kill boolean Kill programs recursively using F3/F12 if possible.
Missing Language File Retry Interval integer The interval in minutes between retry attempts for missing language files.


Property Type Description
Max hits integer

The max number of hits for an Infocenter help query

Default value: 15


Property Type Description
Skip database verification boolean

This setting is only for development use.

When this setting is enabled the database will not be verified or updated.

Default value: false