Upgrading Infor ION Grid through CCSS

Use this procedure to apply a new minor or fix pack version of the grid to the hosts in the grid.


Only perform the upgrade if all applications that are deployed in the grid are compatible with the new grid version.


Before you apply the new grid version to the hosts in the grid, you must have installed the new grid version in LifeCycle Manager. Also, you must stop the grid.

Upgrading ION Grid

  1. In the Applications tab in the left pane of the LifeCycle Manager, double-click on the grid you want to administer.
  2. In the Tasks tab of the right pane, click Apply New Grid Version.
  3. On the Upgrade Hosts window, select the New Grid version and click Next.
  4. On the Summary window, verify the properties provided. Click Finish.
  5. Start the grid.