Verifying MDP installation

After installation, use this procedure to verify the completeness of the MDP installation.

  1. In the Applications tab, select and expand the view of Spaces > Grid Application <version> where MDP is installed.
  2. Right-click <Grid_Name> > Grid Management Pages.

    The Infor ION Grid Management Pages window is displayed.

  3. Click the Topology view link.

    If the Management pages tab is shown, grid is properly started and running.

  4. Verify that these nodes are configured based on the recommended application heap size settings:


    (Binding name)


    Heap Size


    Number of Nodes


    Number of Nodes


    MDP Server MDP Server web application 1024MB 1 Multiple
    MDP Client MDP Client web application 256MB 1 1
    MDP Index MDP Index application 512MB 1 1
  5. Verify that the status of these MDP nodes are set to "OK".
    • MDPClient

    • MDPServer

    • MDPIndex