Changing client log level

A client log for Start pages writes to the JavaScript console in browsers that have a console. The log is mainly intended for developers in support scenarios. The default client log level can be set by an administrator in the Start Page Administration tool, but it is also possible to change the log level during a session in the JavaScript console.

Use this procedure to change the log level in your supported browser. The steps are similar for other versions.

  1. With the Start pages open, set keyboard focus in the address bar, and press the F12 button to open the Developer Tools. You can also open the Developer Tools through the browser tools menu.
  2. Click on the Console tab, or press Ctrl + 2.
  3. Set keyboard focus in the Console input and paste any of these JavaScript statements, depending on the log level that must be set:
    Infor.Guava.Log.level = Infor.Guava.Log.levelFatal;
    Infor.Guava.Log.level = Infor.Guava.Log.levelError;
    Infor.Guava.Log.level = Infor.Guava.Log.levelWarning;
    Infor.Guava.Log.level = Infor.Guava.Log.levelInfo;
    Infor.Guava.Log.level = Infor.Guava.Log.levelDebug;
    Infor.Guava.Log.level = Infor.Guava.Log.levelTrace;
  4. Press Ctrl + Enter or click the Play button to run the statement.