Configuring Vertex access

Use this procedure to set up a connection to a Vertex server for handling sales tax in applicable markets.

Configuring Vertex

  1. Right-click your environment and select Configure Application.
  2. Click Edit Properties.
  3. In Application Defined Properties, expand Server runtime behavior>System parameter settings>M3 BE properties.
  4. Click the value link for each of these properties to specify information corresponding to your Vertex installation:

    Example: http://localhost:9080/vertex-ws/services/ Add the full path to the web services folder (that is, include vertex-ws/services/).


    Specify the user name used for connection to Vertex. This user is maintained in Vertex.


    Specify the password for the user specified in app.pgm.vertex.user. The password is set in Vertex.


    Specify the socket timeout in seconds. This timeout determines when the M3 BE program should stop waiting for Vertex server to respond. Set to 0 seconds if you never want a time out.


    If the time out is set to 0, and Vertex does not respond due to unavailability, the M3 Business Engine job will become unresponsive.

Configuring Vertex debug level

The log level for Vertex is configured in the property app.pgm.vertex.debuglevel.

The default log level for debug is INFO. For better traceability, set the level to DEBUG.If the property is set to DEBUG, the Vertex log files are created with detailed information from the Vertex XML Request and XML Response. This is helpful when troubleshooting, for example, when tracking the reason behind a calculated tax amount. However, the creation of log files might have a negative impact on performance.