Installation considerations for M3 H5 Enterprise

Note:  M3 UI Adapter is required for the H5 Enterprise installation. The supported version for M3 UI Adapter is

For more information about the installation of M3 UI Adapter, see these documents:

For more information about the administration activities for M3 UI Adapter and M3 H5, see this document:

Client requirements

H5 Enterprise supports these browsers:

Note: Single Sign-On via SAML Session Provider is certified only in Internet Explorer and Chrome.

IE browser compatibility must be configured in Infor Ming.le for M3 H5 to work properly in Internet Explorer. For information about IE browser compatibility mode in Infor Ming.le, see "Adding the Browser Compatibility Mode property" in Infor Ming.le Administration Guide.

When specifying a value for the property, use this option: IE=Edge.