Upgrading IEC Server

Use this procedure to upgrade EC Server starting from version release to the current version release.

Before you can upgrade EC server, you must complete these requirements:

Upgrading IEC Server

  1. In the LCM Applications tab, select the Space > grid host containing the <IEC_old_version> application that you want to upgrade.

    Do not upgrade from the Application Maintenance page.

    <EC Application Name > > Grid <version> > Application Maintenance.

    Update from the maintenance page applies only to CCSS/orbit hotfixes/gridfixes.

  2. Right-click <EC Application Name> > Upgrade EC/MEC.

    The "Upgrade EC" option is displayed only if your are using a previous version of EC Server.

  3. Verify the information of the (old version) application to upgrade and click Next.

    The Summary page is displayed. Review the information.

  4. Click Finish to complete the installation.

    When upgrade is successfully completed, a message is displayed.

  5. Click OK.
  6. Run Republish All and (Re)activate mappings for changes to take effect.

    To (Re)activate:

    1. Access the Infor ION Grid Management pages, click the Server link.
    2. Click the Mappings link.
    3. Click Activate/Reactivate All.

    To Republish All

    1. Access the Grid Home Management page, click the EC_MapGen link.
    2. Click the MecMapGen link.
    3. Click the Global Management Pages (MapGen Utilities) link.
    4. Click Republish All.