Event Hub Background

Infor provides several applications--including M3, Infor Enterprise Search (IES), Infor Enterprise Collaborator (IEC), Infor Process Automation (IPA) --that send events to other applications.


The event format and communication method is proprietary for each application that receives events:

This is done point-to-point in a spaghetti solution where the event provider needs to implement different event formats and communication for each event consumer. Each event consumer receives different types of events from the event provider, for example M3 database events to IES, M3 media management events (and more) to IEC, and M3 application messages to IPA/PFI. You cannot, for example, send an M3 database event to IEC.

If you want to send a non-standard event from M3 to IPA/PFI or IEC, you need to add those by custom Java code in M3. At the same time, IES receives many events from M3 without any custom Java code. Events are both sent from an application and received in a generic way. This leads to a hub-and-spoke solution which is exactly what the Event Hub is.