Upload Fixes Package

Before starting the installation, the zip file must be uploaded to the LifeCycle Manager Server.

Fixes are uploaded using the procedure Upload M3 BE Packages, while MCEs are uploaded using the procedure Retrieve MCE.

You may need to set up access to the CCSS server before you can retrieve MCE packages. For example, if your organization uses a proxy server to access the internet, you must first set up LifeCycle Manager to recognize the proxy. Review the guidelines and procedures in Managing Access to the Customer Correction Self Service (CCSS) Server in the M3 LifeCycle Manager User Guide.

Retrieve MCE

  1. Right-click M3BE_xx.x and select Retrieve MCE.

    The notation xx.x refers to the current version of the M3 Business Engine.

  2. The Logon to CCSS Sever dialog appears. Enter the User and Password used for logging on to the Infor Xtreme site, and click OK.
  3. In the Solution overview pane, search a solution from the list of available MCEs using the following filter options:

    Enter the ID number of the solution.


    Enter a description of the solution.


    Select the component to which the solution belongs, or select ALL to show all components.


    Select to view all solutions or view only those that have been retrieved or not retrieved already.


    Select to view 100, 500 or ALL MCEs

  4. Click Search. The search results are displayed. The following table lists the status that might be displayed in the Retrieved column of the results list:
    Status Description
    The solution is retrieved and is available on the LifeCycle Manager Server.
    The solution is not yet retrieved.
  5. Select one solution in the list. The details and possible dependencies of the selected MCE solution are displayed.
  6. Select the check box of one or more solutions, or right-click and select Select All MCE's. Click Retrieve.
  7. Click OK. The MCE solution and all dependencies that are not yet retrieved are retrieved and uploaded to the LifeCycle Manager Server.