Retrieve the installLcmService.jar file


You can also download the jar file to the Linux server by using the wget command as the root user. For example:

# wget http://LifeCycle_Manager_Server_IP_address:Port#/update/installLcmService.jar

  1. Go to http://LifeCycle_Manager_Server_IP_address:Port# , where Port# is the number you specified for the LifeCycle Manager Server port.

    If you used the default value (4060), the Port# is 4062.

    If you do not know the value, look in the LCMInstallDir/LCM-Server/ file for the value of http.server.port.

  2. Click Download LifeCycle Manager Service. A window is displayed asking if you want to save the installation file.
  3. Click Save. The installLcmService.jar file is saved to a temporary folder.
  4. Use ftp to download the file to a temporary folder on the Linux server, for example /tmp.