Importing M3 users in Infor Ming.le 12

In Infor Ming.le 12, you can import user definitions in CSV or XML files. For M3, the IFS Person ID property value must correspond to the M3 user name.

Note: Before importing users, ensure that the IFS Person ID configuration in Infor Ming.le is set to No Automatic Setting. Otherwise, the configured IFS Person ID values will be overwritten with the UPN values when synchronizing from the AD. For instructions, see Enable editing of the property IFS Person ID.
Note: Optionally, you can create a template file that provides support for the specified format. To create a template file for import:
  1. Export the IFS bootstrap user in the desired format.
  2. Edit the result file with values for your real users.

Importing M3 users

  1. Prepare the user information in the required format, for example in CSV or XML, based on the exported information from the AD.
  2. Specify the PersonId field with the unique M3 user value for each user.
  3. Import the file.

    For details on this procedure, see Importing Users in the Infor Operating Services Administration Guide.