Upgrade the LifeCycle Manager Server

  1. Log on as root.
  2. Change the current directory to where the installation jar file is placed, for example:

    # cd /tmp

  3. Run the following command to make sure that the file is readable:

    # chmod ug+r LifeCycleManagerServer_<version>.jar

  4. Run the command to start the installation of the LCM Server. You must type the full path to java in the bin directory of the Java installation. For example, run the following command and press Enter:

    # /usr/java/<jdk version>/bin/java -jar LifeCycleManagerServer_10.1.x.x.jar -cd

  5. Type 1 and press Enter to Update LifeCycle Manager Server.
  6. Information from the installation program is displayed.
  7. Type 1 and press Enter to continue the installation. A message displays that the LifeCycle Manager Server was updated successfully.

    The service lcm-server is automatically restarted.