Security Roles and Grid roles

Grid applications which target end users have their own application types in Infor Operating Services (Infor OS), for example IDM and M3UI. These application types hold the Security Roles that are relevant for each application. When one of these applications is activated, the Security Roles for that application becomes available in Infor Ming.le.

Assigning a Security Role to a user in Infor Ming.le will only take effect in the grid, if there is a role mapping between the Security Role and the corresponding grid role. Some Grid applications create such role mappings automatically at deployment, but not all.

Note: If you want to use a Security Role for access control to a Grid application, you must verify that there is a role mapping in the M3 Grid for that Security Role.

For more information about Grid role mappings, refer to Defining Role Mappings in the Infor ION Grid Security Administration Guide.