Viewing Recorded Data

To access active recording sessions, click the Recording Sessions link from the main Event Hub management page.

On the "Recording Sessions" page, you can pause, resume, and stop recordings. To view or search the raw event traffic captured by a recording session, click the name of the session in the session’s table.

You can view recorded events whether a session is started or paused. However, viewing live data while a session is started causes a large performance penalty in the server side recording mechanism. Therefore this should generally be avoided when recording high throughput event flows.

The recorded events are displayed in a chronological order based on when the Event Hub received the events. The oldest recorded event is displayed first. If desired, you can slice the event view to only show the events recorded during a certain time period. Specify a start and stop time in the yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss,SSS format, where SSS is milliseconds, and click Search.