Manual purging

The manual purging functionality allows one time purging of queued events. You can start this purging on an ad hoc basis.

To initiate a manual purge request:


  1. Go to the main EventHub management page subscriber table.
  2. Click the subscriber name link.
  3. Click the purge icon next to the publisher for which you want to initiate this request.

    A Purging operation is initiated for the above selected subscriber-publisher combination. All undelivered events to that subscriber from this specific publisher are removed.

    In this example click the first icon to remove all undelivered events from publisher M3 to subscriber EC. See this screenshot:

    You can also start with a publisher and choose to remove all queued events and queues for a publisher subscriber combination. See this screenshot:

    You can purge events selectively corresponding to a particular subscription. In the second example clicking the purge event icon on the first row removes all undelivered events matching subscription M3:CCURRA:Q:false:P2 for subscriber EventAnalytics. See this screenshot:

    If there are many events to remove the purge operation can take some time.