Creating a fontmap file

The font substitution table is a text file that is imported into the Global_Resourceset in the Global.dcproject.

  1. Open a text editor and create a list similar to the example, where the fonts Arial and Courier New are converted to Tahoma, since Tahoma contains Thai characters. When printing in Arabic, only the font rows Courier_New and Courier_New_Bold must be converted to Arial because Arial contains Arabic characters. When printing in other languages, check if an appropriate font is selected.
    //!CodePage UTF8!
    mapfont	"Arial"                        "Tahoma"
    mapfont	"Arial_Bold"                   "Tahoma_Bold"
    mapfont	"Arial_Bold_Italic"            "Tahoma_Bold"
    mapfont	"Arial_Italic_Underline"       "Tahoma_Underline"
    mapfont	"Courier_New"                  "Tahoma"
    mapfont	"Courier_New_Bold"             "Tahoma_Bold"
  2. Save the file with the name fontmap.tbl.