Manual configuration of the property IFS Person ID


Before configuring the property IFS person ID, ensure that the IFS Person ID configuration in Infor Ming.le is set to "No Automatic Setting". Otherwise, the configured IFS Person ID values will be overwritten with the UPN values when synchronizing from the AD. For instructions, see "Enable editing of the property IFS Person ID".

Specify IFS Person ID

  1. Access Infor Ming.le as a user with the UserAdmin or IFSApplicationAdmin role.
  2. Click the user icon, and select User Management.
  3. Click Manage, and then Users.
  4. Select the user to configure. Click the arrow icon next to that user in order to configure values.
  5. Click Additional Properties.
  6. On the IFS Person ID row, specify the M3 user value for that user.
  7. Click the save icon to save the configuration.