Accessing the Management Page for a M3BE Environment from a Browser

This procedure describes how to identify the URL for the management pages of the M3 BE environment, to enable access to management pages from a browser. This URL is useful for monitoring the M3 BE environment activities.


The M3 BE environment must be running to follow this procedure.

To access the M3 Business Engine environment URL in a browser

  1. Open the Grid management pages in LifeCycle Manager.
  2. In Grid management pages, locate the Default Router, and expand Router in the column Type.
  3. Click the port next to SYSTEM.HTTP.
  4. In the section Context Roots, copy the url for System>WebAccess>Web Application to an external web browser window:

    http://<server ip>:<http port>/grid/ui.

    The Grid management page is displayed.

  5. Locate the M3 BE environment application and click the corresponding link to Management Pages.

The management page for the M3BE environment is displayed in the browser.

Use this URL to monitor the grid application for the M3 BE environment.