Event Hub Grid Application Properties

The following is a list of the properties for the Event Hub grid application:

Property Type Default value Name Description
Host String   host The local address to bind to.
Port Port   port The port to use for standard communication.
ID Cache Size Integer   id-cache-size The size of the cache for pre-creating message ID.
Bindings Directory Path   bindings-directory The file system directory used to store bindings.
Journal Directory Path   journal-directory The file system directory used to store journal log.
Large Messages Directory Path   large-messages-directory The file system directory used to store large messages.
Paging Directory Path   paging-directory The file system directory used to store paging files.
Enable TLS / SSL Boolean true ssl-enabled  
Only Allow TLS / SSL Connections Boolean false ssl-only  
TLS / SSL Port Port 61491 ssl-port The port to use for communication over TLS / SSL
Authenticate Clients Boolean   ssl-authenticate-clients Authenticate clients before they can connect.
Key Store Path Path   key-store-path  
Key Store Password Password   key-store-password  
Key Password Password   key-password  
Trust Store Path Path   trust-store-path  
Trust Store Password Password   trust-store-password  
Run Server In Backup Mode Boolean   backup  
Use Shared Store As HA Mode Boolean   shared-store  
The Multicast Address To Broadcast Connection Data On String   group-address  
The UDP Port Number Used For Broadcasting Port 61492 group-port  
The Local Port To Bind The Datagram Socket To Port   broadcast-port  
Data Access Object Class String   subscriptions-dao-class-name  
Driver String   db-subscriptions-dao-driver  
URL String   db-subscriptions-dao-url  
User String   db-subscriptions-dao-user  
Password Password   db-subscriptions-dao-password