To retrieve and apply a CCSS fix

  1. Log on LCM as administrator. Select Actions > Retrieve Fixes.

    The view shows a list of available fixes.

  2. In the CCSS Channels list, select this fix:

    <EC application name> (Infor Enterprise Collaborator <version>)


    CCSS fixes are application version specific. The list will only show the fixes available to your selected IEC version.

  3. Log on CCSS Server with your Infor Xtreme credentials.
  4. In Available Fixes section, select ALL.
  5. Click Search.

    The view shows a list of all available fixes.

  6. Select a fix to retrieve.
  7. Click Retrieve to start the download.
  8. Click OK to complete the download.

    The view shows a check mark under the Retrieved column across your retrieved fix.

  9. Select your retrieved fix and click Apply.
  10. Click OK.

    The view shows a check mark under the Applied column across your applied fix.

  11. Click Yes to update the client.
  12. Click OK to restart the client.