Upgrading SAML Session Provider 1.13 to M3 Core release

This procedure is applicable for upgrading the Session Provider grid application to a later version.

Before upgrading from SAML Session Provider 1.13.x to 1.14.x, you must verify these requirements:
  • Ensure that the used Infor Federated Service is version 12.0+, that is Infor Operating Services (Infor OS).
  • Ensure that the SAML Session Provider property pointing out the base URL using https (ifs.service.https.url) for the IFS web services is correct.
  • The version of SAML Session Provider before the upgrade must be at least version 1.13.41.
  • The version of ION Grid must be or later.
  1. In the LifeCycle Manager, select the Applications tab. Expand the ION Grid installation and select the SAMLSessionProvider 1.13.x installation for that Grid.
  2. Right-click on SAMLSessionProvider and select SAML Session Provider 1.14 > Upgrade SAML Session Provider to version 1.14.
    Note: During the upgrade initialization, LifeCycle Manager gathers the Grid properties. The upgrade will fail if the Grid becomes unresponsive.
  3. Both current and new application versions are displayed along with the upgrade requirements in the Upgrade SAML Session Provider step. Click Next.
    The connection to IFS and the IFS version is validated to make sure that the IFS version is supported by SAML Session Provider 1.14. The IFS admin password field must be provided because it cannot be read from the Grid properties. Make sure that the other properties are valid.
    1. If the IFS fqdn, https port, or admin user is not correct, quit the upgrade and change the existing SAML Session Provider properties to the correct values.
    2. Click Next.
      The connection to IFS will be tested and the IFS version validated to be supported by SAML Session Provider 1.14.
  4. Click Finish.
    After installation, the Session Provider application is started automatically, unless it is set off-line.
    Note: After the update, refresh the LCM application tab to ensure that the correct status is displayed.