Verifying the IEC Server components installation

Use this procedure to verify that IEC server components installation is properly configured, running, and correct. Before you can verify the installation, you must complete the Partner Administration tool installation.

This procedure allows you to run a successful test message.

  1. Configure the BE settings.

    You set an API Reference in Partner Admin tool to configure BE settings.

  2. Access the EC Monitor page and verify that the EC nodes are running.

    Under the column Status, an OK indicates a running node.

  3. Check that EC_Central node is running.

    If EC_Central node is not successfully started, both the EC_Process and EC_MapGen nodes will not run.

  4. Expand the view of EC_Central node and verify that these nodes are running.
    • EC_Process

    • EC_MapGen

    • EC_UI

  5. Check that there are no errors in the Grid Application logs.

    You view the error logs in the EC application grid Management page.

  6. Verify the EC release version details.

    You check the release version details in EC application grid Management page > About.

  7. Run MBM_test 20 message.

    MBM_Test 20 is contained in the <Central File Folder location>\testdata.

This table shows the contents of MBM_Test_20_message:

MBM_Test_20 message
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<Envelope xmlns="" 
  xsi:schemaLocation=" MBM_Test_20_in.xsd">
	      <env:address>your partner</env:address>
	    <env:sentAt> BizTalkDate() </env:sentAt>
	    <env:topic> </env:topic>
	      <env:reference uri="#Test_20_in@1.1">
	        <env:description>Doc Name Descr</env:description>