EC Application components

MEC_Central node

This is a runtime component that runs as a grid node and provides file access service to all of the MEC_Process and MEC_MapGen nodes. This node is also called CentralFileAccess (CFA).

MEC_Central node runs detections, agreements, and process dispatchers. This node uses a central file folder.

CFA delegates tasks to Process nodes. When there are no process nodes running, the MEC_Central node also acts as a standalone node.

MEC_Process node

MEC_Process node is an additional runtime component used to run the process flow of agreements received in EC through MEC_Central node and peer Process nodes. MEC_Process node is dependent on MEC_Central node to run.

MEC_MapGen node

MEC_MapGen node generates mappings for runtime and runs on Grid nodes. Depending on the BE database type you use, you must add the corresponding API Channel for the BE connection where MEC_MapGen node runs.

MEC_UI node

This is the graphical interface of EC Application in Grid, taking the place of the previous Web Administration tool. You can access EC UI through EC Management page in Grid or through EC URL.

From the UI page you can delete old data logs from EC database, configure log settings, view message logs, view archived message files, and perform other EC management tasks.

EC Database

EC Database stores mapping data, partner agreements, and runtime log data. EC Database is required to run the EC grid nodes (Central, MapGen, Process, and UI).