Automatic configuration of the property IFS Person ID

In some environments, there may already be an AD attribute that meets the criteria for the M3 user name – unique values for all users and at most 10 characters long. If this is the case, this attribute can be used to populate the property IFS Person ID when automatically syncing users from the AD.

  1. Optional: Override the AD attribute for MVXSECOFR.

    If there is an AD attribute that is suitable for the IFS Person ID values, but needs to be overridden with the value MVXSECOFR for a user, that is possible. If this scenario applies, you must configure this user before configuring the custom AD attribute and synchronizing the other users.

    1. Enable editing of the IFS Person ID field.
    2. Add the user manually as described in Manual configuration of the property IFS Person ID.
  2. Map the property IFS Person ID to a custom AD attribute
    1. Access Infor Ming.le as a user with the IFSApplicationAdmin role.
    2. Click the user icon, and select User Management.
    3. Click Security Administration> IFS Person ID.
    4. Click No Automatic Setting to enable configuration of the AD attribute to use.
    5. In External Name, select the AD attribute to use for the M3 user name.
    6. Click the save icon to save the configuration.

      The configuration will only take effect for users that are added after this procedure.

  3. Synchronize the rest of the users from the AD.

    To synchronize users from the AD automatically, see section AD Parameters in the Infor Operating Service Administration Guide.